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¡Viva Los Suns, Viva Los Suns!

Escrito el 26 May 2010
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Amare Stoudemire gave his best performance Sunday night as he racked up 42 points against the Lakers (take that Kobe). Stoudemire’s performance cut the Lakers lead 2 – 1 in the best of 7 series. Personally, yo soy muy happy that it has turned on Los Lakers, don’t really care for the team myself since Magic Johnson retired. With the win Sunday night all this BS about a Laker, Celtic match up can be put to rest, for now.

Monday nights game between the Magic and Celtics will either end the season for Orlando or move them one step closer to a championship, I’m leaning towards elimination for Orlando, they have never really been in this series. Boston is just too much for them to handle.

¡Ay por Dio! Vamanos amigos a Dove Valley, let’s play, What has Josh done now? Well, not a lot happening con los Burros, pero now we may have a QB controversy. Let’s hear from Chump (oops) Champ Bailey. "They are all obviously like polished vets," said Broncos cornerback, Bailey of Los Burros QB corp. "They're on top of their stuff. It's going to be a good battle but I tell you what, Orton — until he shows anything different — he's my guy." WOW, WOW I’m all giddy Bailey, your endorsement of Orton, who was brought in to be the QB of the future leaves me giddy -- no I mean gaging.

Orale, mira chico the writin’ is on the wall. Tebow is and will be the QB of the future. Again, as much as it pains tu Tío, Tebow will bring a championship to Denver once again just like Juanito Elway.

Bailey's endorsement of Orton, was initially echoed, then downplayed, by Broncos coach Josh McDuhniels."That's usually how it goes — the starter is the starter until somebody beats him out," (obvious) McDuhniels said. "Everybody earns their own role. The best player will play.”

But then McDuhniels warned that Orton has not yet won the job.

"Does that mean that's a guarantee for the season? No, and he knows that," McDuhniels said.

Blah, blah,blah more words of wisdom? More like ear numbing BS, makes me want to poke myself in the ear with a pencil.

Come on Josh, you will be run out of the Mile High City if you don’t get Tebow in there ASAP, who knows it may even be done by como se llama -- Bowlen.

Now a quick look at the Rockies after taking 3 out of 4 from the Nationals at home the Rocks took to the road; losing both to the Cubs, splitting a pair with the Astros and taking 2 out of 3 from the Royals. Coming home for a 6 game stand, 3 against the Diamondbacks and 3 against the Dodgers, Tío predicts 4 wins 3 losses.

Now, very sad news from the baseball world, former major league pitcher José Lima died of an apparent heart attack.

Planning a return to the big leagues, Lima pitched in the Dominican winter league in 2007, in Korea in 2008 and for the independent Long Beach Armada and Edmonton Capitals in 2009. “He just went in his sleep,” said Dan Evans, the former Los Angeles Dodgers general manager who’d signed Lima six years ago; Evans who remained his friend and early Sunday morning was with the Lima family. Evans’ voice broke.“I loved the man,” he said. Born in Santiago, Dominican Republic, in 1972 Lima was only 37, Vaya con Díos José.

Love me or hate me at least your thinking of me, Tu Tío Ronnie.

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